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Interview Preparation


Our objective is to help you to prepare for your job interview and ensure you suceed in securing the job.


This service will help you crack any job interview by having good and presentable CV, answer interview questions and presenting yourself during interview. You will get mentored by Cloud Industry Veterans Industry Ready Program - This service helps you become confident and ready to face any interview.

Why should you join

Cracking any job interview requires good soft skills, CV preparation and Understanding Interview Questions well. After CoVID-19 things have become virtual and digital hence your CV should speak loud about you, your soft skills and answering questions should be charismatic, to learn and understand all of this in depth, you must take this service.

Package Details

One on One Job Preparation Session of 60 minutes with one of the expert industry mentor. 30 minutes will be Mock Interview and next 30 minutes will be feedback session on your CV, soft skills & answering questions.


Interview by Cloud Industry Veterans

Get Instant Feedback

Overcome Shortcomings

Practise Interview Questions from top tech companies & take your preparation to the next level by speaking to our experienced mentors who are working for multinantional companies and are responsible for hiring lot of people for their own companies.   Analyse your performance with personalised feedback that will help evaluate your strength and weaknesses Stay on track always as we will help you highlight your pain points & prepare you for the real-world