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AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification Training Course

Our AWS training course comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. At Cloudtutor, we believe in our highly effective One to one instructor-led online learning methodology and its ability to provide learners with the knowledge and confidence to pass the AWS Solutions Architect Exam in the first attempt.

AWS Skills Covered In The Course

  • AWS solution planning
  • AWS architecture best practice
  • Designing resilient AWS implementations
  • AWS cost estimation
  • AWS implementation optimization
  • AWS data IO

Benefits Of AWS Solutions Architect Certification

The need for AWS certified professionals is increasing every year. The AWS market is expected to reach $236B by 2020 at a CAGR of 22 percent with more than 380,000 cloud computing jobs available around the world (source: Indeed).

Training Options

One-on-One Training for Rs 9,999

  • One to one instructor-led online training class
  • Hands-On Lab
  • 3 simulation exams (65 questions each)
  • One to one mentorship for doubt resolution
  • One to one assistance with Solutions Architect Associate Certification Exams
  • One to one assistance with resume preparation
  • One to one assistance with interview preparation

Eligibility For AWS Solutions Architect Certification 


Any professional interested in hosting highly scaleable, fault-tolerant applications on the AWS platform should take this AWS course. However, the online AWS Solutions Architect certification course is ideal for Solutions Architects, Programmers, Cloud developers, Cloud software engineers, DevOps professionals

Pre-requisites For AWS Solutions Architect Certification

Learners need to possess an undergraduate degree or a high school diploma. However, prior experience in working with AWS or another cloud computing platform is recommended.

AWS Training Course Curriculum

Lesson 01: AWS Course Introduction

About Trainer
Introduction to AWS
Learning Path
Course Components
Exam Format

Lesson 02: AWS Core Concepts

AWS Infrastructure
Overview of AWS Core Services
AWS Account Setup, Free Tier Offers, Billing, Support
Billing Alerts, Delegate Access
IAM User and Command Line Tool Setup

Lesson 03: Compute and Related Features

Assisted Practice: Create an AMI image
Assisted Practice: User data and Metadata – Installing apps when launching an instance
Assisted Practice: EC2 IAM Roles to Access S3
Assisted Practice: Launch and connect to a Windows instance
Elastic Load Balancer
Assisted Practice: Launch WebServer Instances
Assisted Practice: Classic Load Balancer
Assisted Practice: Application Load Balancer
Assisted Practice: Routing Requests in ALB
Assisted Practice: Network Load Balancer
EBS Security
ELB Logs
Introduction to Auto Scaling
Assisted Practice: Manual and Dynamic Scaling
Assisted Practice: Auto Scaling with Launch Templates
Lesson end Project: Vertical Scaling of EBS for a specific VM

Lesson 04: Storage Services

Simple Storage Service (S3)
Assisted Practice: S3 Storage Classes
Assisted Practice: Versioning
S3 Lifecycle Management
Assisted Practice: Age Based Retention
Assisted Practice: Tiered Storage
S3 Replication and Access Control
Assisted Practice: Replication
Storage Gateway
S3 Encryption
Assisted Practice: Server Side Encryption (SSE-S3, SSE-KMS)
Assisted Practice: Create and Mount EFS on Linux Server
Assisted Practice: How to Delete KMS Master Key
Glue and Athena
Assisted Practice: Glue Data Catalog
Assisted Practice: Query with Athena
Lesson end Project: Implementation of S3 Buckets for Web Content Hosting

Lesson 05: VPC, Networking and Content Delivery

Security group and NACL
Assisted Practice: How to Create KeyPair for EC2
Assisted Practice: Default VPC Walk Through
Assisted Practice: Explore Network ACL Firewall and Features
VPC Flow Logs
NAT and Internet Gateway
Assisted Practice: Create a VPC Flow Log
Assisted Practice: Public and Private Subnets, Route Table, NAT
Assisted Practice: Default VPC, Flow Log, Resource Access Manager, and NAT source/destination check
Assisted Practice: Create a VPC Endpoint
Assisted Practice: Peering Connection (Cross-Region)
Private Link and Bastion Host
Direct Connect
Assisted Practice: CloudFront Distribution with S3 Origin
Assisted Practice: Cache Configuration and Invalidation
Assisted Practice: Origin Access Identity (OAI)
Global Accelerator
Assisted Practice: Global Accelerator
Route 53
Route 53 Routing Policies
Lesson end Project: Customizing EC2 Instance for Web Instance

Lesson 06: Databases

Amazon ElastiCache
Amazon Redshift
Assisted Practice: Create Table, Store and Read Items in DynamoDB
Assisted Practice: DynamoDB Global Table
Assisted Practice RDS: Query data using Query Editor in Redshift
Assisted Practice: RDS MySQL
Lesson end Project: Deploy MySQL RDS using AWS

Lesson 07: Security and IAM

Responsibility Models in AWS
AWS Cognito
Cloud Tower
Assisted Practice: Identity-based policy, Implicit Deny, Explicit Allow
Assisted Practice: Policy Generator, Managed Policy, Versions, Groups
Assisted Practice: Resource-based policy, Policy Generator, Principals
Assisted Practice: Conditional Variables - Restrict Access By IP
Assisted Practice: Restrict Access By VPC Endpoint
Assisted Practice: Cross-account Management Console access using IAM Roles
Cloud Security
Assisted Practice: AWS WAF
Secrets Manager
Systems Manager
AWS Config
Assisted Practice: AWS Config S3 bucket encryption compliance
Assisted Practice: AWS Config Automated Remediation
AWS Inspector, Trusted Advisor
Assisted Practice: AWS Inspector for Network Reachability, Vulnerability and Host Hardening
Assisted Practice: Trusted Advisor
Lesson end Project: Create and Configure Groups and Users Using Policies

Lesson 08: Serverless and Application Services

Assisted Practice: Create Lambda Function, Test and View Logs
Assisted Practice: Lambda Layers
API Gateway
Assisted Practice: Serverless Web App
SQS Introduction
SQS Security and performance
Assisted Practice: SQS Standard Queue, Visibility Timeout, DLQ, Long Polling
Assisted Practice: SQS FIFO Queue, Deduplication, Message Group
Assisted Practice: SNS Topic, Fanout, S3 Event Notification
Assisted Practice: Kinesis Data Streams
Assisted Practice: Firehose - Publish Streaming Data to Firehose from CLI and Store in S3
Lesson end Project : Launch a Lambda Function Performing a Task of Copying Contents Across S3 Bucket

Lesson 09: Monitoring and Automation

Assisted Practice: Stop Idle Instance using CloudWatch Alarms
Assisted Practice: CloudWatch Logs, Metric Filter, Plot
Assisted Practice: Create S3 Bucket using CloudFormation
Assisted Practice: Delete Stack and Resources
Assisted Practice: Update an existing stack - Change S3 Bucket Name
Assisted Practice: Input Parameters Update an existing stack
Assisted Practice: Deletion Policy to protect your resources
Assisted Practice: Auto scaling, ELB, Web Server
Assisted Practice: Resource Group for grouping related resources
CloudFormation Best Practices
Lesson end Project: Create an Alarm Using CloudWatch

Lesson 10: Container Service

Assisted Practice: Run Hello World Container on EC2 Instance
Assisted Practice: Create container repository using ECR and push images in it
Assisted Practice: Create an EC2 Cluster and a Task Definition, and Then Run the Task
Assisted Practice: Dynamic Port Integration with Application Load Balancer
AWS Fargate
Assisted Practice: Run task on a fargate cluster
Assisted Practice: Fargate with Application Load Balancer
Lesson end Project: Monitoring Insights for ECS Cluster Using CloudWatch